Best ARK server hosting

Online video games are some of the best-selling products on the market today. Due to technological advances, video games have become very popular among people of all ages. Gone are the days when the game was exclusively for children. Now, even adults, men, and women like to play video games .with the advancement of technological innovations in software and hardware has made exemplary growth of video games. One such popular game that has emerged is ARK: this is an aspiring game that requires a lot of time and energy. As well as resources. The game requires many settings and command lines, and you may be stuck along the way as you play the game. With these issues, having the best ark server hosting will overcome them. There are many ark server hosting providers in the market but identifying the best can be challenging. Some come with powerful features while others are slow .when finding the best hosting solution, do thorough research and choose the best game server hosting you are comfortable with. How do you know the best server hosting? Best Ark server hosting company gives servers that are easy to set up and simple to run. These servers come with powerful features that provide a smooth gaming experience. Below is a list of the best ark server hosting 2021.

GameServers has been in the gaming industry since 2004. The company provides hosting solutions for over 500,000 customers. It has become the most reputable ARK server for major game studios. GameServers comes with a custom control pane that makes server management easy .it allows you to change locations and access files through FTP. Choose administrators you want. The control panel makes it easy to install plugins and mods. GameServers have ARK servers available worldwide, and hence customers can choose the one near them. This makes the gaming experience exciting. The server is available in the US, UK, and many other countries in the world.GameServers may be expensive, but you should share the cost with people you want to join your server. The features are;

-Custom ARKSE server management

-good Customer Support

-offers Instant Setup

-Easy to use control panel

-high-performance game server

-Located in over 36 major hubs and cities

-Custom control giving you total control of your server


GTXGaming has been operating for ten years. It has been famous due to its reliability, well-developed control panels that offer powerful features .these features increase the functionality that gives a smooth gaming experience.GTXGaming hosts more than 3000 ARK survival worldwide. They also support all ARK DLCs.Their simple trick-to-enable menu allows you to change your game settings.GTXGaming uses dell systems to change the old and offer modern or up-to-date features to your server. It supports all ARK maps available when a new version is released. They also provide suitable security, so you don’t have to worry. Other features are;

– provide high-quality speed

– unmatched game performance

-You can install many plugins

-Full ARK API support

-Single-click installations

Survival Servers

Survival Servers was launched in has been hosting game servers for many customers s all over the world. The hosting solution has shown tremendous growth by developing a custom control panel that focuses on adapting games. Custom in-house control panel Provides high performance to the networks worldwide. It also allows you to customize ARK games, and you can also change settings, switch locations on your pc.,.Survival Servers comes with a dual-CPU Xeon processor and good security through DDoS protection and server pass-locking. It has powerful features that make gaming convenient and comfortable. Every change will be automatically saved, and updated .features available are;

-latest mod versions

-full FTP access

-automated server restarts.

-empowered with SSD drives

-several hosting locations,

– flexibility of installing plugins


Shockbyte is the newest hosting service formed in 2013 and has shown tremendous growth in hosting games. It has become popular among game enthusiasts due to its excellent customer support and quality services worldwide. It hosts more than 100 thousand game servers. Shockbyte boosts strong hardware with quality features at an affordable cost. This serves hosting offers 24/7 customer support where you can air your opinions and issues. The company offers simple and easy upgrades without interfering with your data. Once you apply and submit your data, it will be automatically saved..other best features of Shockbyte are;

-Instant server setup

-automatic mod installation

-customizable server settings

-Free unlimited traffic

-Full FTP access


This is an online game server formed in 2013.HostHavoc is designed to offer affordable hosting solutions with tremendous gaming performance. It has a well-experienced and professional team that provides support worldwide. The team helps you in every step of the server setup. The servers are available in 11 gaming hubs in the world.HostHavoc allows you to choose the map, mod, and free clusters. It supports DLC ARK.these DCL enables you to swap maps any time you want. The network is 99.9 % fast due to its in-house infrastructure with reliable uplinks. High security is guaranteed from UDP floods and also Source Engine query intrusion.


-Free protection against DDoS attacks

-Easy FTP access

-support API plugins

-multiple parameters specific to ARK servers

-24x7x365 support

-Easy and instant setup

– faster NVME SSD based storage

– file manager


ServerBlend is an ARK Server Hosting that comes with a custom control panel known as TcAdmin. The control panel eases the installation of mods and plugins using single clicks automatically. The control panel is designed with great features such as mod manager, file manager, backups, steam updates, easy access to configuration files. Another great feature about this company is the setting editor,command-line editor. ServerBlend provides 24/7 support to customers. It allows customers to choose between the two types of plans .these are Standard and Premium and customers choose which suits them.ServerBlend offers many server locations, including the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Poland, Germany, New Zealand, and France. The features are ;

-High Performance

-99.9 % time

-Custom Server Configuration

-Guaranteed Hardware

-Experienced Support Staff

– offer DDOS protection,

These are a few of the best ARK server hosting that will make your gaming experience joyful. These hosting service providers offer many benefits to game lovers. The ARK hosting solutions provide many benefits such as Full server control,24/7 game availability, no lags, and this hosting solution you decide who to join the server. The ARK solution allows you to play your game freely and with flexibility. Creating your server on the pc will have some limitations, and you may be frustrated at some point. To avoid frustrations when playing your game, choose the best server hosting solution.